Pete and Matt Jensen, started Whitetail Logging in 1987 to turn their love of logging into a full time business. With a combined experience of 90+ years in the forestry and logging business, they are passionate about professional, ethical and proper timber management.

Their great customer service and experience has earned them many prestigious awards from their peers, as well as both Matt and Pete have been active members of the Great Lakes Timber Professionals Association. Matt has served as President of the Wisconsin Professional Loggers Association, GLTPA and the American Loggers Council.

Whitetail Logging can assist in many land management choices. Land Management can produce improved wildlife habitat on your land. They can work with you on ideas for food plots, wildlife openings and corridors for game management on your property. They are the best in the Northwoods when it comes to land management, and logging.

Whether you have several acres of land, or just a few, whether you already have the plans laid out, or need some ideas, Whitetail Logging can help you in all aspects to have a healthier and better forest.

Did You know?
   Protect and even improve Water Quality Careful management will leave or develop buffers in stream side and wetland areas to filter runoff and remove pollutants. Such buffers provide tree cover to keep streams cool, improving fish habitat    Produce A Healthier Forest Overcrowded trees often struggle to survive, weakening them against insects or disease. Releasing such trees by removing competing trees will make them grow faster and more hardy against pests.
   Land Management can produce Improved Wildlife Habitat Management can develop a mixture of habitats on your property, increasing biodiversity, and providing needed habitat for some species whose habitat needs aren't adequately met, as well as protecting cavity trees and other important resources for wildlife.    You can get More and Higher Quality Trees? By removing low quality and poorly formed trees, growth can be concentrated on higher quality, more valuable trees which will grow faster.